6 Pro Tips for your Teach For Malaysia Fellowship application

Ivan MED RESReady to begin work on your Fellowship application but not sure where to start? Don’t panic! Here are a few Pro Tips to help you complete your online application.

1. Know the whats and whys.

Before you begin your application, check out our website and visit our Facebook page to strengthen your understanding of why Teach For Malaysia exists, what we do, and how the Fellowship works.


2. Answer as though you were in a live interview.

Craft your answers as though you were speaking directly to us! Avoid using point form, ensure your grammar is correct, and double check your answers to make sure they’re relevant to the questions.


3. Structure your answers!

Details are great, but don’t get lost in them. To help you cover all the necessary points in a clear manner, try using the STAR method:

S – Situation: Clearly explain the event or experience that you wish to share.

T – Task: Give us details of the tasks involved, and more specifically, your responsibilities.

A – Action: Tell us about the actions you took to address the situation and your particular contributions.

R – Results: Describe the outcome of your actions and the skills you developed.


4. Choose your examples carefully.

We review hundreds of applications, so choose a story that is memorable and compelling! Utilise recent examples (ideally within the past 3 years) from professional or personal experiences.


5. Almost done? Double, triple and quadruple check your application!

Before you hit ‘submit’, ensure that your application is free from grammatical errors and that you’ve answered all of our questions. It helps to read your answers aloud!


6. Still confused? Just ask us!

We’re a friendly bunch, so we’d love to help you with any of your questions. Just email us at recruitment@teachformalaysia.org or call us at +603 2026 0700 and ask for our Talent Acquisition team!

Cepat! Apply for the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship before the next deadline at teachformalaysia.org/apply

Teach For Malaysia recruits, trains and supports Fellows to teach in high-need schools across the nation. Beyond the Fellowship, our Alumni continue to champion education in different ways. To date, we’ve recruited over 350 Fellows, who have impacted over 87,000 students, working with the Ministry of Education and other partners.


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